Alessandra Neri

In the year of 2000, I visited Favignana with my family and we have never left.
My curiosity about Favignana and which brought me here for the first time was an interesting article in the Ner York Times (we live in America for much of the year), wich passionately described the annual celebration of the Runa Catch and images of the local fishermen at work. I was captivated by the article and decided that I had to see this place.
The following year we returned to Favignana with the idea of purchasing a small apartment. After a great deal of time spent searching for the right property and location, we were fortunate to find the stunning location where our house now stands. With it’s exquisite sunsets and crystal waters, it was truly love at first sight!
Nothing else we looked at compared with this amazing palce.
We decided there and then to purchase the land and the slowly but surely over a period of time, we built “our treasure”.
Even though the island has changed slightly over the years, a bit busier and perhaps a little noiser, our house remains the same, in a completely unspoilt area of grat beauty and tranquillity.
I have loved it from the very first moment I set eyes in it!


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